About Embodiment Clinic

Personal Circle™ is a universal foundational training system, based upon an autodidactic process of submission to self and environment by way of circular analysis, therein an integral method of moving meditation. Our philosophy (“Body is teacher, Nature is preacher”) involves embodiment of subtlety through dichotomous refinement with awareness and acceptance of Oneness. Personal Circle was created through an autodidactic process of submission focused on our “sacred 3” principles of Structure (posture, shapes, symmetry) Breath, and Intention. Efficient exploration of our dynamic biological boundaries affords us the experiences that build our confidence to transcend the physical systems in creative and environmentally useful ways. The Personal Circle system is inspired by many cultural practices, however ultimately coalesced by way of a dedicated submissive personal practice and daily application by its founder Keith M. Cowley. It is non-martial and non-lineage based. It adopts universal/cosmological and scientific language and guidance through biological geometry.

Embodiment Clinic™ is our method for teaching the foundational Personal Circle principles to the general public in a 1-on-1 setting. Embodiment Clinics are only guided by a Personal Circle Embodiment Clinician. A Clinic session includes 1/3 postural alignment signalling (seated and standing), 1/3 postural shape testing, and 1/3 partnered application practice. While there are obvious therapeutic benefits to the Clinic, “clinic” is also a term used for “a conference or short course on a particular subject”. “Embodiment” involves internal and external awareness of environment and potential purposeful application within it. The session enables a setting for real-time evidence-based application experience of the efficient principles. Therein, the benefits of Personal Circle practices are provided by the clients themselves as made aware by a trained Embodiment Clinician.

Personal Circle Partnered (Embodiment Flow) Workshop is a 2-hour immersion workshop, a humbling partnered practice developed from multicultural (non)martial internal arts that instills efficient body mechanics and postural alignment while adapting to spontaneous signals from a partner in continuous motion. Its fun for yoga students and instructors, learning to apply postures in everyday application. Great for massage therapists and Reiki practitioners for the efficient utilization of body posture during sensitive contact bodywork. (While the drills appear like Tai Chi’s push-hands, they instead employ the non-martial shapes and techniques of Personal Circle, developed by Keith M. Cowley). Non-competitive to maintain a balanced and enjoyable dialogue during slow practice. Personal Partnered (Flow) Workshop is an educational way to better health and wellness. Evidence-based concepts help revitalize your structural and energetic alignment for a more mindful connection to Self and Environment.

The benefits: Build sensitivity and awareness, learn to reference your environment, release tension and stress, and share genuine dialogue. No experience necessary. First 1/3 includes an Embodiment Clinic postural alignment awareness class.

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